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Thursday, April 03, 2014


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Mary Mulvaney

Would love to have seen this movie. Will it be shown again? Would love to know more about this, especially after the Northwestern U ruling. I would respectfully comment that I believe this has all gotten "out of control". I understand the importance of offering athletic scholarships and "stipends" for those "academically" worthy, but these athletes are students first..... They are responsible to give a lot of time to their sport which, in turn, provides revenue to the university, but they are not "employees". They are Student/Athletes who are receiving scholarships and stipends for their efforts, not "salaries". I submit, that if we did not have academic/university communities, these student-athletes would not have teams to play on to begin with. Therefore, the "student" status, trumps the "athlete" status.

C. Donald Cook

An athletic scholarship should not be measured by its dollar value alone, which over four years could be $200,000, more or less. But, the real measure is the benefit of having a degree that the $200,000 provided, and how that value gets translated to personal and professional growth over a lifetime. No amount of short-term compensation over a four-year athletic eligibility period is the equal to being a life-long educated person. While student-athletes have some legitimate grievances, they pale in comparison to the value of a college education,which is worth a lot more in the competitive marketplace than a high school equivalency diploma. When did competing in college sports become an athletic partner with IBM or Ford Motors? It's unfortunate there are student-athletes who feel a free education isn't good enough to assure a sense of well being. How will unionizing a select sub-set of athletes square with the principles and standards of Title IX and gender equity? Wouldn't additional benefits on the men's side need to be increased in some measure on the women's side? Or, does this no longer matter? Have these young men thought about their upgraded scholarships being taxable income,not to mention that as a union member they could face strikes and lockouts? Put simply, college athletes should not be university employees. It's the equivalent of putting a square round peg into a square hole.

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