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aww! poor cody-san! the teachers sound really cute and funny, like jassey-sensei. she busted out cupcakes for lacey's birthday last thursday. she was like, lets take a break and *bam* napkins and cupcakes. lol and they totally know you and your freeze ups during class, i miss you every tuesday and thursday! oh, and i'm curious. whats the important verb form you've been working on?

Hey, you have no idea who I am, but I really appreciate your blog. I'm doing the KCP program next Summer and have been looking for ANYTHING that talk about how the actual classes work. Nobody ever talks about that, but from the way it sounds, I've got nothing to worry about. Thanks for being detailed in your entries, I really appreciate it (and I'll continue checking your blog periodically, if you don't mind).

I had no idea there was anything like the elective courses that you talked about (Karaoke, Tea Ceremony...) Is this separate from the culture course on Saturdays? And how much of your day is filled with doing stuff related to classes?

Great post. It sounds like you are having a great time and learning a lot. you definitely have the right attitude.

I'm half Korean, so it's always funny hearing my mom pronounce words incorrectly or call something the wrong name. I guess it's pretty cute, so I totally understand why everyone laughed in your class!

Time does fly, especially when you are abroad. Even though you are a student, teachers abroad experience the same thing. Time flies and you still feel there is so much more to teach these young minds! Broaden your horizons!

Que es esto? Hahahaha, just kidding. I'm stunyidg for Spanish, and this is really helping me! Thanks. Well back to stunyidg! Got a vocab quiz. Adios! It's really hard for me cuz I don't have any Mexican heritage in me I'm full out Filipino.. [...]

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