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Its nice to hear from you, Cody!

I hope you did well on your Kanji test, I'm sure you did well.


おはよう ございます コヂーさん! げんきですか?i love being able to type japanese on the computer now! lol. hope your test went alright. we've been starting kanji also, so far its been about 3 kanji every class, so much slower paced. we're doing the numbers and we're up to 9. it sounds complicated with so many different ways to read a kanji, especially the non-numbers. glad you're blog is up. we'll prob end up reading it to everyone on sunday. i've actually been a little sick lately and last night my voice started to go >.< and i love to talk, its so hard to try to save up my voice. LOL. anyways, i miss you and can't wait to read the next post. <3

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