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The study linked above proves this is utter ridiculous slander. How many people have ever died from marijuana? Not one. Ever. These false studies just testify to how this country as a whole is lied to. Medically, marijuana is used to help patients with the "side-effects" (paranoia, lack of appetite, anxiety, depression), not to mention that THC counteracts cancer cells into dying quicker. Marijuana is not something that harms, it can be used to heal. The only reason marijuana is illegal in the first place was yellow journalism in the early 1900's. Learn the facts and stop feeding people false information. I was hoping as a student of this university that it would show compassion to a prohibition that has caused nothing but trouble for individuals and families on our own soil.


also, this. http://imgur.com/E38Tl


Read the documentary "The Union" because that goes against everything you just listed above.


*watch* the documentary "The Union"


It takes 3 seconds for you to arobsb the majority of thc in marijuana smoke, longer than that and you're just getting tar on your lungs. Holding a hit for longer than ten seconds may make you feel higher, but actually you're starving your brain for oxygen and killing brain cells.

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Welcome to Wellness - To be blunt...


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India never had issues with marijuana before British. Only difference was it is considered holy.

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