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Well said!

Matt Kuhn

This is also "To The Editor:"

I am a recent graduate (2014) from SHU. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THE MEDIA HAS TO GET A GRIP ON LIFE, AND THEY HAVE TO FIGURE IT OUT! Those of you who contributed to that awful, liberal-based, piece of paper, (of which I refuse to read) ask yourself these questions..
Are you a parent? Would you like this circulating around about your child? Those are two of many questions that can be asked.
Let me also say this: (because I am sick to my stomach knowing that someone as pathetic as you would do such a thing)
If a police officer, who protects our community, ever used "too much force" to capture this criminal that night (because that is what he is... A criminal) he, the officer, would be crucified by YOU (the media). Instead of defending those who protect the community let's make him look like a bad person.
The bottom line is you should all be ashamed of yourselves!!
See, there's a reason why I only read the "Wall Street Journal."
My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to this selfless victim, colleague and fellow pioneer. Stay strong because I know we all have your back!


Matt Kuhn
SHU 2014, Finance and Economics

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